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New Driveway Installation

There are three main steps you can expect with a new driveway installation.

The concrete contractor will need to prepare the site, frame out the project, and finally finish the concrete. A new driveway installation typically takes about 2-4 days depending on the level of detail and customization the project requires.

3 Steps to a New Driveway Installation

1. Preparation

New Driveway Installation Preparation

If your driveway project is a replacement, the contractor must remove the previous driveway. The length of the removal process is based on 4 categories, depth of the removal, any concrete reinforcement, and if the removal is accessible for equipment or does it need to be removed by hand.

Once the previous driveway has been removed, the contractor will evaluate the subgrade. Sometimes they will need to bring subgrade in to reinforce the integrity of the foundation. This plays a critical role in the driveways reinforcement and improves the lifetime of the driveway.

2. Formation

New Driveway Installation Formation

The contractor must form up the shape of your new driveway. This is done with wood planks that will be used to help mold the concrete in the right shape.

This can take more time depending on the shape of the driveway. If the design is straightforward you can expect this to take only a few hours. Some driveways are designed to fit the layout of the yard and require more attention in the forming process.

Next, the contractor will place a fiber mesh or rebar over the subgrade to create a strong foundation. Most driveways are poured at a depth of 4 inches and reinforced with rebar.

At Candor Contracting we always use fiber mesh and rebar to reinforce the concrete driveways we pour. This gives you the confidence that your driveway is strong enough to survive weight, wear and tear, and the elements.

3. Finish

New Driveway Installation Finish

A concrete finish refers to the surface of the concrete. You can pick a smooth or stamped finish for your job. For driveways, we use a fine horse hair broom to leave your driveway smooth and strong.

We recommend a broom finish for all outdoor surfaces, to help protect the integrity of the concrete from the elements. This is especially important in Colorado and the Denver-Metro area as we experience the four seasons which can be harsh on concrete.

You can expect these 3 steps in every concrete project you have. The timeframe of the installation is dependent on what work is required to remove any existing concrete and the level of effort needed to prepare and form the new driveway.

Read our blog on how much does a concrete driveway cost here to see what can impact the length and price of your project.

Get an Estimate for your New Driveway Installation

We are here to help guide you to make the best decisions for your driveway installation. We offer free estimates to help you understand the cost and scope of your project. If you are interested in a new driveway, call us at (303) 435-2198.

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