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7 Things to Expect When Planning a Concrete Driveway Replacement

Starting a concrete project can be a daunting task. It is a fairly straightforward process, but one you might not be very familiar with. That’s why we are here to help you understand the process and make your concrete driveway replacement a success.

At Candor Contracting, our experience of creating concrete driveways has taught us that only careful and thorough attention to every detail throughout the process can provide the high-quality results our customers expect and deserve.

What to Expect When Planning a Concrete Driveway Replacement

1. Planning & Scheduling

Typically, a concrete driveway will take several days, with additional time for complete curing. The actual time it will take to complete your new driveway varies on the scope of the project. Once the concrete is poured, you are required to stay off your driveway for another two weeks or more for proper curing. We work with you to establish a a pour date that fits your schedule.

2. Removal of The Old Driveway

Once the project start date has been established, the first step is to remove the old driveway. Using a skid steer, jackhammers, and manual labor, we break the old driveway into pieces and load the broken up asphalt or concrete into dump trucks for transportation to a recycling center.

3. Preparation of The Subgrade

The subgrade under any concrete driveway is crucial to the longevity of the concrete. Made of aggregate materials, it must be thick enough to support the driveway and thoroughly compacted to provide a solid foundation that supports the pavement properly.

Since concrete is strong, the existing foundation from the old driveway may be adequate. If so, we’ll carefully grade and compact it, as needed. If not, new aggregate will be placed and compacted, after removing contaminated or poor materials. Grading and compacting of the sub-base also takes proper drainage of the new driveway into consideration.

4. Placing Forms

Forms will then be placed around the edges of the driveway. Next, a grid reinforcing steel is installed, designed to provide tensile strength to the paving. Final measurements are taken to calculate the amount of concrete needed to complete the driveway.

5. Concrete Pouring and Leveling

We order concrete for delivery on the date arranged for paving. The concrete mix is designed for strength, and will include additives to further strengthen the mix. Our concrete suppliers work carefully with us to provide perfect mix for use on your driveway.

When the concrete trucks arrive, the concrete is poured into the forms, starting at the garage, and then moving out toward the street. Depending on your particular site, a number of methods may be used to place the concrete, sometimes including pumping the concrete mix. As the concrete is poured, our crews get busy leveling the pour, a process called “screeding.”

6. Concrete Finishing

Concrete begins to set very quickly, so the finishing job takes place immediately. Using a combination of power and hand tools, the previously screeded surface is further smoothed and made even. Careful troweling of driveway edges and troweled control joints is another step to ensure the strength of your concrete driveway. Finally, Workers use brooms to roughen the surface of the concrete at exactly the right stage of the setting.

7. Concrete Curing

After the concrete is poured and finished, we apply a cure agent to the surface of the concrete. This slows the water loss over a 30-day period which strengthens the concrete. The concrete will take 7-10 days to cure before it can be used.

While concrete sets firm fairly quickly, it remains weak until fully cured after 7-10 days. We recommend keeping people and pets off the surface for several hours after the paving crew leaves. Any foot traffic before then can leave permanent marks.

Ready to start your concrete driveway replacement?

We specialize in concrete driveway replacements. Our crew is experienced in project tear outs and repours. We are happy to answer any questions you have and help you through the process.

Call us at (303) 435-2198 to get a free estimate and your concrete driveway replacement started today!

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I had my driveway concrete is there supposed to have a space between house and driveway

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