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What is pavement crack sealing?

what is crack seal?

Crack sealing is just what it sounds like, sealing cracks that have formed in asphalt with a hot, sometimes cold, rubber like asphalt emulsion liquid.

Overtime, asphalt tends to crack and by sealing these cracks you are keeping out the elements from eroding the base underneath the asphalt, preventing more damage. We like to refer to crack seal as asphalt maintenance, part of the maintenance recommended to prolonging the life of your parking lot.

Cracks are inevitable and are going to develop as the asphalt pavement continues to oxidize and deteriorate. However, crack sealing has been proven in studies to slow the rate of cracking. In one study, after 2 years of observation, 75% less cracking was observed in a pavement that was crack sealed in comparison to a pavement that received no treatment at all. Crack sealing can slow the rate of their formation in pavements over time.

In another example, crack sealing plus microsurfacing resulted in 60% less cracking vs. no treatment at year two. Microsurfacing alone resulted in only 15% less cracking vs. no treatment at year two. Again, crack sealing as a pretreatment improves other surface treatments.

How do you apply crack seal?

In order to apply the asphalt emulsion liquid (crack seal), you must heat up the crack seal in a kettle to 400F to 450F. The outside and surface temp of the asphalt must be above 40 degrees. If it is under 40 degrees the crack seal may not adhere correctly causing faulty application.

Before you apply the sealer make sure that the surface area and crack you are applying to is free of debris. If the crack is not free of debris, scrub and use high-pressure compressed air to clean the crack. Once the crack is free of debris, you may seal the crack using the material and chase with a squeegee to smooth out the material. After applying the material you should apply detach or black magic sand to ensure the sealer does not stick to vehicle tires.

Crack Seal has proven to be the lowest cost pavement preservation treatment available. In asphalt pavements, the next lowest cost pavement preservation treatment is a single chip seal which is approximately 4 times more expensive. If your goal is to preserve your pavement for the longest period at the lowest cost crack seal is right for you.

We provide crack seal services for your asphalt. Request a quote for a free estimate on your project.

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