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Transform Your Backyard with a Concrete Patio

Are you looking to transform your backyard with a concrete patio? Before settling on one design. You should be aware of the many options and flexibility that comes with a concrete patio.

The three common ways to customize your concrete patio is with stain, stamps, and the shape.

Stained Concrete

Stained concrete gives your concrete patio a decorative look for a reasonable cost. Stain adds color and a unique look to your patio. Rather than produce a solid, opaque effect like paint or colored coatings, stains mix wi

th the concrete to saturate it with rich, deep, translucent tones.

Even when treated with the same staining product in the same shade, no two concrete floors, walls, or countertops will look alike due to factors such as the composition and age of the concrete and surface porosity. We offer a variety of over 75 colors when picking a stain for your concrete.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete is a way to get a really unique and classy look for your patio. At Candor Contracting, we work with you to pick the exact stamp and look you are going for. This includes selecting the stamp, stain, and release agent.

Once the concrete is poured, a release agent is poured onto the concrete so that the stamp does not stick during the stamping process. Immediately following the application of the release agent, the stamping process begins. The texture and pattern is created as the tool is pressed into the concrete. As the stamp is pressed into the concrete surface, a portion of the colored release agent is embedded into the textured surface of the concrete.

Patio Shape

Some people will choose a concrete patio over other options because of the flexibility. Concrete is easily formed into any shape to accommodate backyard space restrictions or design requests.

Upgrading your backyard with a new concrete patio is an investment. Strong concrete can last up to 15 years and improve the look of your landscape. Concrete is easy to maintain and can stand up to the harshest of Colorado weather conditions.

Get Your Concrete Patio Quote

At Candor Contracting, we specialize in customizing your concrete patio to make your backyard an oasis. We work with throughout the entire process from start to finish to make sure you are getting what you want and what you can expect.

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